A living legend.

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this photo killed me

he looks so fucking beautiful

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Anonymous whispered: Marilyn Manson will never be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Look at the list of inductees and you'll understand why.


Few others artists have achieved the notoriety that Manson has.

Few others artists have united entire legions of people to achieve a goal.

They have released better charting albums than many of the current inductees.

They helped revive the shock rock genre as it was, let’s be real, fizzling out under the weight of Grunge and the then-current wave of metal.

They have released a triptych of critically acclaimed albums that constantly place in, not only consumer choice, but critic choice of top albums of the *insert unit of time*

They have a large list of EPs, LPs, and collaborations. 

The man himself constantly branches into other media, being art, cinema, television, and culinary arts.

Going into his 20th year as simply Marilyn Manson, the band still has sold-out shows, strong chart performances, and relevancy with continuously new generations, between Sons of Anarchy, Californication, and Once Upon a Time being used to reestablish the “brand name” as it were. 

Still highly demanded to tour and headline festivals (altfest, the artists were chosen by the fans)

Still remains a culturally significant and polarising band, as evidence by Russia’s treatment of them this summer. - Which, since a gross majority of the US is up in arms about Russia, that alone could be enough to set the HoF up for inducting them, as a slew of middle fingers (though, of course, not enough of them) pointed right at Putin’s fugly mug.

Marilyn Manson is more deserving of a place in the HoF than many artists still around today. If for reason other than they still promote cultural discussions that either unite or divide people on moral, religious, and sociopolitical grounds.

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