Race: Witch

Ally: Jenny

Bestie: Oz

Has a crush on you: Anya

Lover: Cordelia

Enemy: The Master

I am okay with all of this.

Race: demon

Ally: joyce summers

Best friend: rupert giles

Crush on me: riley finn 

Lover is: Xander

Enemy: Caleb.

lmao. I like that my best friend is giles. whoo! 

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    Race: Human Ally: Clem Best Friend: Anya Has a crush on: Angel Your lover is: Xander Your enemy is: Adam
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    Race: Vampire Ally: Faith Lehane Best friend: Spike Has a crush on you: Buffy Summers Your lover is: Cordelia Chase Your...
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    Race: Demon Ally: Robin Wood Best friend: Willow Has a crush on you: Giles (hehehehe) Lover: Giles (there is a god)...
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    Slayer Ally: Robin Wood. Best friend: Willow Has a crush on you: Giles (He knows what’s up. Damn straight.)...
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    I’m a Slayer, my ally is Faith, my best friend is Spike, Tara has a crush on me, Buffy is my lover, and Adam is my...
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    Race; Werewolf Ally; Jenny Calender Best Friend; Willow Has A Crush On You; Xander Lover; Oz Enemy; Glory
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